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Language lessons
Spanish - English

Online and face-to-face lessons.
For st
udents of all ages because
age should not be incompatible with fun.

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Diary of a teacher in Switzerland, travelling tips, teaching experiences, resources and much more.

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Professional and customised services

Fun and dynamic lessons

Game-based learning

Work at your own pace, wherever and whenever you like

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Age should not be at odds with fun. Dare to learn a new language in your own way, with a game-based approach and fully customised courses that suit you and your needs.

Communication, creativity, fun, motivation and unlimited learning. Find all this and more in our online classes for children from 3 to 100 years old.

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Student Testimonials

Online English classes


My children have lessons with Lorena every Wednesday. That's two school years now. Every week they look forward to their class and enjoy it so much. They are also lucky enough to have support in Spanish, which is their minority language.

A real privilege!


Lorena welcomes them happily, with fun classes and a unique methodology. My husband and I can work while they are in class.

Having Lorena as a teacher is great for everyone. My children strive to do everything she asks them to do, to give the best of themselves. Their results at school are excellent.

My husband and I have found the teacher we were looking for and our children are learning English and practising Spanish.

Lorena is creative, fun, responsible, honest, she gets involved in every class, she helps them to improve...


This year she continues with fun classes, but we are starting to prepare for the English exams.


Having Lorena as a teacher is a double experience, Lorena is one more of our family!

- Arantza Ariño.

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Persiguiendo el jetlag
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