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Who's behind Witty Languages?


Hello! It's Lorena and I'm the founder of Witty Languages.

While studying translation and interpreting at university, I decided to become a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language.
As a translator, I am specialised in audiovisual translation. I am currently still training, this time in translation for international
for international organisations. Spanish is my mother tongue, but I also speak Catalan, English and German.
I started my career as a language teacher in language schools and giving private lessons
but I have also worked in several schools. For me, choosing between virtual and face-to-face teaching is like choosing between mum and dad.

How did Witty Languages come about?

Launching a virtual adventure in a world with an analogical mentality in many aspects is a long-distance race, but it has also become a very enriching experience for me. Now, after 7 years of dedicating myself to online teaching, I help children, teens and adults from all over the globe build a bond between English and Spanish. From bilingual and homeschooling families, to adults who want to reinvent themselves
and widen their horizons in the international job market.
When I was a child, my aunt used to read me stories about Rome, Greece and Ancient Egypt before bedtime that I still remember today with the same excitement and curiosity. I have always had a passion for travelling, discovering other cultures and learning new languages.
While studying at university, I didn't want to miss any opportunity to travel both in Spain and Europe and in 2016 I went to Edinburgh, where I learned the value of travelling alone and living with people and cultures from all over the world. I also took part in the ERASMUS student mentoring programme, an experience that gave me the opportunity to meet students from other countries who had also come here out of curiosity and a desire to learn, and whose friendship I still cherish today.

It is this same curiosity that has led me to create Witty Languages, a website designed by and for language lovers.
language lovers. A virtual rabbit hole (quoting Alice in Wonderland), where I bring together what I love most in the world: teaching languages, translating and travelling around the world.


Lorena Bellés


My background:

Translator EN/DE - ES

Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language

Certified examiner and coach

for DELE A1-B2

I can help you with:

English and Spanish courses

Spanish as a heritage language

Bilingual parenting and homeschooling

Preparation for official examinations:

                                 DELE/SIELE A1-C1                                       Cambridge A1-B1

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